Committee and Meetings

Role of Committee

The role of the committee is to draft the regional fire protection service authority plan.  The plan will outline what services the RFA will provide, how the RFA will be governed, and how the RFA will be financed.  Once the Planning Committee drafts the plan, each of the governing bodies (the Bellingham City Council and the Board of Fire Commissioners for Fire District 8) would go through a process to put the plan on the ballot for the voters to decide on.

Committee Members

State law requires the planning committee be made up of three elected officials from each government agency involved.  In our case the planning committee includes:

Fire District 8

  • Commissioner Roger Buswell
  • Commissioner Rob Neher
  • Commissioner David Lehmann

City of Bellingham

  • Mayor Kelli Linville
  • Councilmember Terry Bornemann
  • Councilmember Michael Lilliquist

Meeting Materials